The Gentlemen’s League’s Components
  1. Mentoring: One on one and peer mentoring
  2. Workshops: Session topics include- Etiquette, Dressing for Success, Self-Image, Conflict Resolution, Chivalry, Building Healthy Relationships, Financial Literacy, and Leadership Development just to name a few.
  3. Fieldtrips: The Gentlemen’s League strives to increase exposure and opportunities for our participants. One way to do this is to participate in fieldtrips.
  4. Community Service: Students will be involved in service learning in which they will perform community service. Students will complete community service at least once every other month (Minimum of 4 times per school year, 1 per quarter)
  5. Ambassadors program: Students will serve as ambassadors to the school, and school district. As an Ambassador, you may be asked to: Assist with New Open House and Parent sessions, serve as “buddies” to new students, help out with other opportunities as they arise throughout the school year
  6. Rewards for good grades/good behavior: Recognize for students who attain good grades.
  7. Tutoring: Students will receive tutoring to assist them with their academics and in preparation for end of grade exams. Students will be required to attend at the minimum one tutoring session per month. (10 tutoring sessions/school year)
  8. Fresh Fridays: Students will dress up bi-weekly on Fridays with a tie to lead by example to their peers.